Recent Films Written and Directed by James Byrne 

"Mist On the River"  In this moody, dream-like drama, a couple struggles with the pain and the paradox of splitting up despite the
  lingering persistence of love. Starring Vanessa Wilson, Erik Hoover, and Reyna Rios.  World premiere at Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival, April 16, 2016, at 3:oo PM.

"Madison", A bar band singer on the run teams up with a loser with delusions of grandeur on an 
  odd couple road trip, starring Catherine Johnson Justice and Billy Mullaney.

"The Light of Each New Day"  An over zealous book collector struggles to keep her life from spinning out of control.  This film premiered at the 2015 Minneapolis St. Paul Film Festival

"​Dreamer" stars Tracey Maloney and Robert O. Berdahl in an existential romantic comedy.  Trust issues, 
 new boyfriend issues, and issue-issues boil to the surface when a performance artist meets a tax assessor.

"Trade For Magic"  An introspective mother and wife navigates a series of whimsical dilemmas. Won Best Short Drama 2012 Highway 61 Film Festival, starring Emily Logan Dooley and Laura Esping.  

"Rotations of the Earth"  Carolyn Pool won Best Actress in a Short Film at the 2011 SoCal Film Festival 
 for her performance, and also stars Peter Moore in a drama about loss and reconciliation. 

"Trouble Light"    A frustrated filmmaker tries to make a new friend starring Kathryn Lawrey, John Skelley, and Christine Weber.     

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        Trade For Magic
 Rotations of the Earth
          Great Lakes
Please join us for the world premiere of  
"Mist On the River"
Saturday, March 16, 3:00 PM
Film Space at Metropolitan State University
Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival

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Vanessa Wilson and Erik Hoover
Reyna Rios and Vanessa Wilson
 Vanessa Wilson
"Mist On the River"
Vanessa Wilson and Erik Hoover
Vanessa Wilson and Erik Hoover
Vanessa Wilson